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Mini-split systems are used in various commercial, residential and institutional buildings. Most commonly, Mini Split AC Systems in Auburndale, FL, are used in multi-family homes or as retrofits for houses equipped with non-ducted heating systems like radiant, hydronic panels, or space heaters. Ductless mini-split systems are typically easier to set up than other air conditioning systems.

Benefits Of Installing Mini-Splits In Your Home

Here are some benefits of installing a ductless mini-split system:

  • Zone Cooling

Mini-split air conditioners were designed to function in a manner called zone cooling. A thermostat and air handler let you regulate temperatures in each room separately where you want comfort.

  • Versatile Installation

A variety of mini-split air handlers and air conditioners will fit any space’s interior. Air handlers are wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted and can be free-standing in most rooms so that cool air is directed precisely to the required location.

  • Reduced Energy Cost

Leaky ducts are the most common cause of the low energy efficiency of ducted air conditioners. Instead of ducts, mini-split air conditioners utilize copper tubing to transport cold air from the condenser to air handlers. Copper tubing is more durable than ductwork, and it is not segmented and, therefore, more resistant to wear and tear than ducts. It is better to go for a Mini-Split AC System installation in Auburndale if you want to save on energy bills.

  • Improved Air Quality

Mini-split air conditioners offer better indoor air quality as air from outside is pumped into the condenser, cleaned, and delivered straight to air handling units. There are high-quality air filters and dehumidifiers in mini-splits to clean and maintain the air levels.

  • Silent Operation

A mini-split is the quietest kind of air conditioner that you can put in place today. The blower is situated outside, so you won’t hear it unless you are in the same room. The copper tubing that transfers air through a mini-split device will eliminate the banging; whistling sounds that ducts frequently produce. There are no moving components within the air handlers; therefore, the systems are quiet.

Tips For Maintaining Mini-Splits Installed In Your Home

A mini split with ductless air conditioning must be maintained annually, like any other HVAC system, to function at its highest level. Below are maintenance tips you can use if you are thinking of Mini-Split AC System Installation in Auburndale:

  • Clean the AC system using an abrasive cloth or small vacuum now and then to prevent dust and dirt from building up. It’s generally recommended to clean your mini split’s air filters once every two weeks and plan their replacement at least once per year.
  • Make sure you schedule annual maintenance from an expert twice a year, in autumn and spring.
  • Pour down a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of vinegar to clean the condensate drain pipe.
  • Call the repair experts immediately if you find your system is improperly working.

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