How to Maintain Your Ductless Mini Split System

The demand for ductless mini-split air conditioners has been gaining popularity because it is more efficient than other systems and can make life easier for homeowners. Keep in mind that its efficiency will decrease if you fail to maintain it appropriately throughout the season.

If you reside in the area, you should hire us for professional ductless HVAC service in Auburndale, FL, to ensure your AC system functions optimally.

Tips For Maintaining The Ductless AC At Home

It is better to maintain your system prior to the summer season. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to maintain your AC system at home and know when to call for professional support:

  • Keep The Filters Clean

A clogged air filter can reduce the system’s efficiency, so replacing it with a new one can increase its efficiency by 5%-15%. You should inspect the filters every 4 to 6 weeks, and change/replace them accordingly. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual or contact our professional air conditioning service provider in Auburndale to replace the air filter.

  • Remove Any Dirt And Debris From The AC System

If you want your system to work at maximum capacity, you need to ensure the AC is free of dust and debris. You should include your AC in your dusting routine and keep it clean. You must also ensure the outdoor AC vents are free from obstruction.

  • Clean The Condenser Coils

Another significant component of the ductless AC system is the condenser coils. The condenser coils remove heat from the refrigerant. They gather a significant amount of dust, dirt, mold, and contaminants because they work for the entire time.

You can clean these coils with the help of an owner’s manual. All you have to do is to turn off the system and proceed with the cleaning with a dry cloth. You can get a mild coil cleaning agent from our ductless HVAC service center in Auburndale, FL, to remove the dust from the coils.

  • Make Space Around Your Ductless Unit

You should know that a ductless AC system requires space to operate efficiently. Ensure there is enough space between the unit and your furniture. Our HVAC professionals advise homeowners to keep four feet of surrounding space in every direction.

  • Examine The Duct System

The ducts that carry cold and warm air can also gather mold, mildew, and dirt. The cold air can escape through the holes or leakage in the duct system. It is better to check them weekly or call our ductless HVAC service in Auburndale, FL if there are any issues.

  • Contact Professional Technicians

Leave the complex problems to our professionals. Our technicians will also detect minor issues that can damage your ductless system if they go unnoticed. Call our experts if you notice your AC system suddenly malfunctions.


The more you remain attentive to your ductless air conditioner, the more comfortable you will stay home in the summer.

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