Air Conditioning Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems & Solutions

At Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc., We recognize the significance of maintaining a comfortable home environment. Even the slightest issues with your AC unit can disrupt your daily life. That’s why we are committed to providing top-notch Air Conditioning services in Haines City, FL, tailored to your needs. With decades of expertise in the HVAC industry, we have encountered a wide range of problems. Whether you’re dealing with electrical glitches or unusual noises or simply need a reliable AC company in Haines City, FL, we’ve got you covered.

Electrical Issues with the AC Unit - Troubleshooting Steps

Electrical hiccups can leave you feeling frustrated and uncomfortable, especially during the peak of summer. Here are some initial steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • Check the Circuit Breaker: Ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. If it has, reset it and observe if it resolves the issue.

  • Inspect the Thermostat: Make sure it’s set to cool and at the right temperature. Low batteries can also affect thermostat performance.

Examine the Wiring: Loose or damaged wiring can lead to electrical problems. If you’re not confident in handling this, it’s best to call in professionals like Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc.

Leaking Water or Moisture Around the AC Unit - How to Address It

Water or moisture around your AC unit is a sign that something may be amiss. Here’s what you can do:

  • Clear Drainage Pipes: Over time, drainage pipes can get clogged with dirt and debris. Clearing them can often solve the issue.

  • Check the Condensate Pan: Ensure it’s not cracked or overflowing. A faulty condensate pan can lead to leaks.

If you’re still experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc. in Haines City, FL.

Ice Build-Up on the AC Unit - Causes and Solutions

Discovering ice on your AC unit can be concerning, as it’s indicative of an underlying issue. Consider the following:

  • Replace Air Filters: Clogged air filters restrict airflow, leading to a drop in temperature around the coils.

  • Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can cause freezing and require professional attention.

Remember, Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc. has the experience and expertise to address ice build-up effectively.

Foul or Musty Odors Coming from the Vents - What You Can Do

Unpleasant odors emanating from your vents can make your home feel less inviting. Take these steps:

  • Replace or Clean Air Filters: Dirty filters can trap odors. Regular replacement or cleaning is crucial.

  • Inspect for Mold or Mildew: These can be the source of the smell, and proper cleaning and maintenance can help eliminate them.

For persistent odors, our experts at Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc. can conduct a thorough inspection.

Frequent Cycling On and Off of the AC Unit - How to Fix It

An AC unit that cycles too frequently can lead to inefficiency and higher energy bills. Consider these steps:

  • Check the Thermostat Placement: Ensure it’s away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent inaccurate readings.

  • Clean the Condenser Coils: Dust and debris on the coils can lead to overheating.

If the issue persists, it’s time to consult the professionals at Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc.

AC Unit Not Cooling Your Home - Possible Causes and Solutions

A lack of cooling in your home is a clear sign of a problem. Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Inspect Air Ducts for Leaks: Leaks in the ductwork can lead to the loss of cool air.

  • Clean the Evaporator Coils: Dirt and debris can hinder the cooling process.

For more complex issues, trust the expertise of Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc.

Unusual Noises Coming from Your AC Unit - How to Diagnose the Issue

Unfamiliar sounds can be disconcerting. Here’s how to approach this:

  • Listen Carefully: Different noises indicate different problems. Rattling can suggest loose parts, while hissing might indicate a refrigerant leak.

  • Schedule Professional Inspection: Our skilled technicians at Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc. can pinpoint and resolve the issue.

Weak Airflow from AC Vents - What Could Be Causing It?

Insufficient airflow can lead to uneven cooling in your home. Take these steps to improve it:

  • Check and Replace Air Filters: Clogged filters can impede airflow.

  • Inspect and Clean Vents: Dust and debris can accumulate and restrict airflow.

For persistent issues, rely on the expertise of Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc.

AC Not Blowing Cold Air - Causes and Solutions

When your AC fails to provide cold air, it’s time to take action:

  • Inspect the Thermostat Settings: Ensure it’s set to “cool” and at the desired temperature.

  • Check Refrigerant Levels: Low levels may require professional attention.

For comprehensive diagnostics and repairs, trust Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc. in Haines City, FL


At Michael I Newbern Air Conditioning Contractor Inc., we are dedicated to your comfort. With our extensive experience in the HVAC industry, you can trust us to keep your home cool and comfortable all year round. Contact us today for reliable and professional air conditioning services in Haines City, FL.