What Type Of Heating System Do You Have?

Knowing what kind of heating system your home has is important if you’re a resident of Auburndale. Understanding the type of heating system enables you to maintain your equipment appropriately. Moreover, you may be able to reduce your monthly heating expenses.

Recognizing the fundamentals of your heating system can help you keep it clean, maintain it, and ensure that it operates as efficiently as possible to avoid frequent heating repairs in Auburndale.

Types Of Heating Systems

To assist you in identifying the type of heating system you have, our heating service specialists in Auburndale have listed the most typical heating systems installed in homes.

  • Boilers

These heating systems heat homes by creating steam from water that has been stored; more rarely, they may use gas, propane, or electricity. While heating your home, several boilers also function as water heaters, generating warm water.

You can distinguish a boiler from other heating systems by recognizing its two components—the furnace, which generates the heat, and the water storage container.

  • Package Units

The all-purpose temperature control tools are package unit heaters. Package units, which are frequently mounted on houses’ roofs, use electricity or natural gas to circulate warm and cold air throughout the building. Similar to a furnace or heater, this air moves through the ducts in your house.

  • Furnace and Heaters

Furnaces, a heating system, blow warm air into various rooms utilizing ducts. The air inside the furnace is first heated using natural gas, oil, or electricity. It is dispersed to other rooms via ducts and a fan. The ductwork may, however, accumulate dust.

Additionally, the furnace’s air filter needs to be replaced. Ensure professional furnace maintenance is completed by our reliable heating repair technician in Auburndale.

  • Heat Pump

The two types of heaters—heat pumps and electric heaters—differ in some important ways. First, many contemporary heat pumps are available with ductless choices, which can boost efficiency because the air won’t have to pass through ungainly ductwork.

Additionally, most heat pumps can create cold air, serving as air conditioning and a conventional gas furnace. Air-to-water heat pumps use the ductwork in your home to circulate warm air, much like some furnaces do.

Most heat pumps have two parts—one on the exterior and one inside—and are often made of metal. The exterior portion, which should have a tag identifying its registered trademark and model, is the best place to start searching if you want to determine whether your heating system is a heat pump.

  • Radiators

In older homes and structures, radiators are most prevalent and frequently used in conjunction with boilers. While a radiator may seem like a large, cumbersome, and complex device, its actual operation is relatively straightforward.

Typically, a home’s central heating system pipes are connected to radiators. The building is then heated through a process known as convection by hot water flowing through the pipelines into the radiator.

To Summarize

Maintaining and keeping the heating in your home functioning can be challenging, even with a basic understanding of heating systems. Consult our heating service specialist in Auburndale if you have any questions or concerns.

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